Pleiades Palette Art Camp for GirlsArt Camp 2015 in El Cerrito  

Art Camp for Girls 2016


Teaching Girls About Women Artists

About the Camp

drawing in the garden

Our camp features a lively conversation about the life and work of a recognized woman artist. Her work inspires our campers' imaginations as they experiment with drawing, painting, sewing, and mixed media.

Pleiades' Palette is taught by professional artists and art teachers Laura Raboff and Janet Lipkin.

This coming summer there will be just one week of Pleiades’ Palette. This is our last camp week and is our good-bye to the children and families we have met over the last many years. 

June 20 – 24, 2016
9:00 – 3:00

Dripping Paint: Across Cultures

Featuring Hung Liu

Hung Liu is a world-renowned Chinese artist who came to America when she was 36 years old. Her work honors her family and ancestors. Her artistic innovations are astounding: from contemporary installations to painted portraits bathed in emotion. Hung Liu's work is filled with beauty, honesty and spirit.

Highlights: Paint dripped and brushed; Ancestral dolls and costume design; Secret pocket paintings; Mixed media drawings; Magic glass installation.

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